Released November 24, 2017 

Erin Ruth Schleiff - vocals/guitar/moog 
Scott Schleiff - lead guitar 
Kevin Casciotta - bass 
Alex Rector - drums

Tracked by Chris Mara & Justin Burba at Welcome to 1979 

Mixed by Edsel Holden at Redact Studios/Welcome to 1979 

Mastered by Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979 

Logo Design by Kris Cambria


You clean up nice and I am impressed

Bat those eyes and I'm a mess

They say you're trouble and nothing less

But I'm not convinced, yet

You say those things that I wanna hear

Sweet little nothings in my ear

Whatever it takes to distract from 

What's happening behind my back 

A pickpocket, oh pickpocket, robbed me blind 

A pickpocket, oh pickpocket, got away this time

With my mind, with my heart

Left me nothing but scars

With my mind, with my heart

Yeah it's over before it starts 


You offer your hand and I follow suit

Whisk me away with cliché moves

Yeah something is off, but it's not enough 

To call out your bluff, yet 

Your eyes start to wander and I am sure

You've done this dance many times before

And just as quick as the lies came up

You’re on to your next victim 

So how many pockets have your hands been in

Oh how many fools have you made of men

Yeah how many pockets have your hands been in

Oh fool me once, you won't fool me again