Released January 31, 2020 

Erin Ruth Schleiff - vocals/guitar
Scott Schleiff - bass/guitar 
Jalen Reed - drums

Tracked at Trace Horse Studio

by Preston Cochran and Scottie Prudhoe
Mixed and Mastered by Edsel Holden/Redact Studios 
Cover Design by Kris Cambria Mastromarino


I never asked for this feeling

That’s got me electrified down to my bones

You found a way to sink your teeth in

To a part of me they did not belong 

When you stole my heart

You were never mine to start

But how could I just let you walk off

'Cause any fool could see

We were never meant to be

But how could I just forget you now

My thoughts drive me insane 

Wrapped in sin and shame

Wish to be left alone 

But you're my ghost

These chains are heavy

And I'm haunted day and night 

Wish I could let you go 

But you are my ghost 


Wherever I go, you're my ghost

So what's the point in daydreamin'

Tryin' to live a life that is not my own

I think if the timin' was different

You and I, we could have been somethin' more

I try to run and hide behind 

Where no one can see 

But every corner I turn 

Yeah that's where you find me

(You always find me)